Macros 101 with Tina from Carrots N Cake – 137

Macros 101 with Tina from Carrots N Cake – 137

If you think Macros is short for Macaroni and Cheese or if you need a review of what macros are and how paying attention to them can help you achieve a healthier balanced diet – listen closely because this episode is packed with info! Before we get to talking about Macros 101 with Tina Haupert from Carrots n Cake  – let’s warm up… 

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Run Eat Repeat Podcast 137 Tina Carrots N Cake.Run Eat Repeat Podcast 137 Tina Carrots N Cake.

Run Eat Repeat Podcast episode 137 – Warm Up: 

Hello!! I hope you’re having a great day and are ready for a great run. I have a great show for you today – but 

First I do want to give a lil disclaimer… I used to talk about weight loss a lot on Run Eat Repeat. Losing weight was originally one of my main goals. And I think part of what made my site so successful was the fact that I was a real, relatable girl struggling with my weight and willing to share my journey online.

It’s wild to think about now because even though everyone has a social media presence now and tons of people can be considered influencers… the biggest instagram and tik tok stars aren’t sharing the truly awkward and embarrassing stuff. 

Yes, a lot of people share unflattering pics now and label them as ‘being real’ or Instagram vs. Real Life. But one picture of the fact that you have cellulite isn’t the same as admitting you started binge eating in college and have struggled to stop for years – to the point where you decided to go to therapy because it was taking over your life.

It seems off topic but it’s related… I’m saying this because even though there are tons of posts on Run Eat Repeat that are very embarrassing – from the way I talked about food and my body to the tragic photography. But it’s real AF.

It’s over-sharing, awkward, embarrassing – and it was all part of my very long journey to weight loss.

And when I lost weight I continued to talk about food and weight – I think in a healthy way. I found a good balance to running and eating and I maintained my weight loss for a long time. Of course I got tons of questions about it – so I wanted to keep talking about it. 

But – I also realized part of what caused me to hate my body in high school… which led to diets… which led to binge eating… – part of what caused that was diet culture. 

Glorifying diets and weight loss and certain sizes of bodies – that’s all part of diet culture. And I didn’t want to support that anymore. It made me feel bad!

And I got to a place where I unapologetically didn’t follow anyone who made me feel bad about my body or what I ate. 

Over the last few years I’ve been through a lot and one of the good things about that is I’ve become self aware. I’ve had to identify my triggers with dating and friendships and social media to maintain my mental health.

So I stopped talking about diet challenges and weight loss because I didn’t want to trigger anyone. 

But this has always bugged me because I know a lot of you want to know how I lost weight in a healthy way and maintained it. And I know I can talk about having a balanced diet in a healthy way. Knowing your body and nutrition needs is so important for marathon training! 

When I figured out my fueling plan for full marathons – it changed my running and I got a lot faster and was just happier because I felt better and it was more fun!

That is why I asked Tina to be on the show today – I thought that this would be a good way to start talking about nutrition in a healthy way. We’re not talking about diets or weight loss – we’re talking about macros and how a balanced diet can help you feel better and run better. 

This is a great place to start if you’re not very informed on nutrition and it’s also a great review if you want to check-in with yourself and your current diet.

what runners should eatwhat runners should eat

Before we get to the interview – I want to tell you about Tina. I’ve known her for years and her blog Carrot N Cake was one of the first ones I ever read. She used to blog 3 times a day with updates on what she was eating. I found it fascinating because she’s from Boston and me being from Southern California, I think everything about that area is so interesting and different from my lil world.

To give it to you straight – Tina created one of the most popular blogs of the time. She’s very modest, but she was and still is a big deal. We met on some blog trip years ago and she’s one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met on a trip like that. We’ve been friends ever since.

Now related to today’s topic – Tina has tons of experience and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Certified Nutrition Coach. She’s also an author and her latest book was just about to come out when we spoke – so we mention it at the end. 

I’ll put links to her Instagram and website in the show notes on Run Eat so you can check it out there. Now let’s get to the interview…

what runners should eat macros diet tipswhat runners should eat macros diet tips

Macros 101 – We discuss:

  • What are Macros?
  • How do they relate to a healthy diet?
  • Why should a runner care about macros?
  • How can paying attention to macros help you run better, faster, longer
  • What’s the best way to start to get your nutrition balanced


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  2. My holiday of the day calendar so I can keep up with the fun, random things to celebrate!
  3. Friends. I recently have caught up with a few long time friends and it really made my heart happy. Your homework for today is to text (or respond to a text) a friend just to say something sweet. It really means a lot. Remember – a random act of kindness doesn’t have to be to a stranger it can be to a friend or family member!

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Have a great run! 

Run Eat Repeat Podcast Tina Carrots N Cake.Run Eat Repeat Podcast Tina Carrots N Cake.

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